Young Go Kart Racer : Anish

July 24th, 2017

Anish Ranasinghe didn’t wait until he was 18 to get his driving licence, and drive a good normal ‘first car’, safely approved by his parents. At just 13 years, Anish has become someone to watch out for in the racing tracks. Introduced to Go Karting by his friends, he realised the first day he spent at the Sri Lanka Karting Circuit in Bandaragama that it gave him a little more than just having a great day out with his friends. Convincing his parents to bring him out again, at least every two weeks, he realised he was getting quite good at taking those turns and controlling his speeds. Thus a strong bond was born between Anish and racing.
‘I love the thrill of it. When you hit those speeds, and take the crazy turns.

It’s fun’ Anish has been racing for one and a half years, starting his ‘hobby’ when he just turned 12. Studying at St. Thomas’ College he is a part of the school team that takes part in racing competitions. There are two others who are his age, but he proudly claims as the youngest being born at end of December. His hero in the trade is Daniel Ricardo, for ‘he is a really good racer, and not like the others. He doesn’t cheat to win. He’s a fair racer, that’s way up there’, and even Anish dreams of competing in the F1 races one day. He takes part in events such as ‘sprint races’ and ‘Endurance’, where a team of racers will compete for 6 hours, and win with the most amount of laps. Within the school team, he’s confident that he is considered as a really good racer, but when it comes to others in the same category, he’s still trying to get to the top.

Speaking of favourite moments, he mentions the first time he won a race. However, Anish was eager to talk about his toughest moments more. The first time he messed up most of the race, and ended up all the way back at the start, but with a desperation to win, he still ended up in 3rd place – probably the most intense he has gotten. Also, he mentions his scariest moment other than touching a friend’s kart and sliding off, was in Malaysia, where he sometimes trained for a competition. During a 180 degree turn, going 100kms an hour, his brake pads fell off. ‘ I was pressing my pedal, and it was going all the way without anything happening. I remember watching a video where it said to make the kart spin so you can slow down without hitting the barriers, and I tried that. It helped. When I made it to the pit, people still had to come stop my kart. Young Go Kart Racer: Anish That was scary’. With 5 medals under his belt, he’s leading the 2017 championships in Kart Fights under his category. He’s currently in Novices A, and is in need of three ‘podiums’ to make it to the senior category. On a lighter note, we asked if he enjoys other hobbies or driving his father’s vehicle. He jokingly answers ‘No, they don’t trust me with it’, and says he does enjoy badminton and rifle shooting. His parents, while they don’t mind what he does, are quite concerned every time he’s on the track, and is always making sure of his safety first.

As a last note, Anish says that to anyone who’s serious about taking racing as a hobby, make sure that you have enough funds. He says it’s quite expensive, and cannot be undertaken lightly – ‘Focus on racing, and nothing else.’

Sunday, July 23 , 2017

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