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In compliance with the Ministry of Health, we have set up some guidelines we hope you will adhere to:

  • Maintain social distancing of 1 m at all times.
  • Please make sure to wear a face mask.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands frequently. We have provided hand sanitizer throughout the premises to ensure your safety.
  • Ensure that your body temperature is less than 37.5 °C before entering the premises.
  • All drivers must wear closed shoes. No slippers allowed.
  • Best to use your own personal racing gear if you have.
  • Make payments with your credit card, to reduce exchange of cash.
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow if you must.
  • Push open doors with your elbow if you must.
  • No spitting allowed anywhere in the premises.


To maintain world class standards and to ensure your safety, the following types of clothing and footwear are strictly prohibited for karting.

  • Sarongs / Lungis or similar
  • Sarees / Shalwars / Kurthas or similar
  • Flared skirts / flared pants or similar
  • Scarfs / Shawls / Hijabs / Burkas / Abayas or similar
  • Sandals / Slippers / High-heeled shoes or similar
  • Any other clothing and footwear which the Management deems unsafe

We highly recommend the following comfortable clothing and footwear for karting

  • Jeans / Fitting pants (not too baggy)
  • Fitting T-Shirts / Shirts / Tops (not too baggy)
  • Flat-heeled-closed-toe shoes
  • Every driver must wear a proper full face helmet and gloves. Helmets and Gloves are provided by SLKC for usage and must be returned after the session.
  • No driving is allowed under influence of liquor or any other substance. The Circuit (SLKC) reserves the right to recognize and remove any driver regardless of Nationality, Race, Colour, Religion or Socio-economic Status.
  • SLKC reserve the right to suspend/remove/refuse any driver driving dangerously on the track who may inflict or cause harm to other customers and / or equipment.


  • Proper swimming attire required.
  • Ladies and Gents having hair with the length of 4 inches or longer, are required to wear a swimming cap.
  • Please check the availability of the life guard before entering the pool.
  • Children shall not use the pool without adult supervision.
  • Children 3 years or younger who is not potty trained must wear a water resistant diaper.
  • No spitting or blowing nose in the pool.
  • No running or rough play on the pool deck.
  • No swimming during heavy rain or thunder.
  • No alcohol or glass articles allowed in or around the pool.
  • No shorts, beach shorts, jeans, and other casual or sportswear is allowed inside the pool.
  • No food or beverages are allowed to be consumed while you are in the pool.
  • The pool will be closed at 5.00 PM. No use of swimming pool is allowed after-hours.


  • No exceptions shall be made to the above rules for any customer(s)
  • SLKC house rules are in place to ensure safety and comfort of all customers and the property; therefore we shall take all required steps to ensure that the house rules are adhered to.

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